Website Instructions


  • Browse to Join Us
  • Complete Registration Field and Submit
  • Upon joining, you will be redirected to Paypal to complete transaction
  • Receive Email notification from System
  • Verify Account via email link
  • Login with email address and password established in Registration Step

Calendar Functionality

  • Browse to Ride Calendar under Blue calendar tab in top navigation bar
  • View Events by clicking on events
    • Add your name to events selecting “GOING” and close event
  • Add New Events … Navigate under blue calendar tab at top and select “Add New Event”
  • Create future cycling event and submit event
  • Browse to Calendar page and verify that event shows up on appropriate day and under appropriate color coded category
  • Under blue calendar tab at top, browse to “Edit Your Events”
  • Make edits to event and press “Update Event” as needed

Leaderboard/Activity Log

  • Browse to “Leaderboard” tab in main navigation
  • Browse to “Your Activity Log” under “Leaderboard” tab
  • Select “Add Manually” option to enter in recent mileage and press “Save” button at right
  • For Strava users, press “Authenticate with Strava” button
  • Upon redirection to Strava, login to Strava
  • Upon redirection back to Sync with Strava page, press “Import activities” button, the last 100 activities in your Strava account should be imported into your mileage tracker.

Bike Chat

  • Browse to “Bike Chat” under the Member Information tab on the main navigation
  • Select topic from list of topics and reply to topic
  • Create new topic title in Bike Chat for others to review


  • Press “Logout” from Main Navigation