Website Upgrade Notes

What you should know...

  1. The new site officially has been launched and all active user accounts as of December 1, 2018 may access the new site.
  2. No rider history and event history from the old site will be migrated over to the new site moving forward. Club members who would like a record of their ride history are encouraged to download their ride data from the old site. Instructions may be found here. The ride history for club members will be available on the old website until March 1, 2019.
  3. Ride data may be manually added to the new site or club members may sync Strava with their club profile so to download Strava rides directly in to the club website. Details may be found under website use instructions.
  4. The ability to add calendar events to the old site will be disabled on December 15, 2018. Club members may begin using the new website calendar for events as of December 1, 2018. Details may be found under website use instructions.

Why are we upgrading the club website?

  1. While the current site is functional and familiar, it uses outdated technology that isn't supported by software providers anymore
  2. It is very cumbersome to update even minor site features, and requires much more manpower/time than a volunteer organization can support.
  3. The new site has many great features and is using familiar and current technology that is used in thousands of websites.
  4. The new site allows more robust interaction with members, social media, sponsors, ride tracking apps, etc. and provides a user-friendly and intuitive, and with a little interaction it will become very easy to use.
  5. The mobile features are great and reflect the needs/interests of members today