November Challenge

Three Shops - Three Rides


Complete a ride out of each of our three local bike shops - Trek Newnan, Trek PTC, and Senoia between November 2-30 and be entered into a raffle to win a $100 gift card from the shop of your choice.  Four winners will be chosen!!!


1.    All rides must be recorded between November 2 and November 30.

2.    Rides can be of any length.  Cart path ride from PTC?  Absolutely!  Mountain bike ride from Newnan?  Sure!  Short beer route from Senoia?  Yep, that’ll work.  Don’t know a route from a particular shop? - we’ll have at least one route sheet available at each shop.

3.    Rides can be done in any order that meets your schedule.   Remember - all shops are closed on Sunday, and Senoia is also closed Monday.  Shops open at 10 a.m.

4.    Each ride must be recorded on your Challenge Ride Record Card which will be provided to you at the first shop you ride from.  You will be responsible for keeping this card during the entire challenge and presenting it at each shop you ride from.  You will leave your card at the last shop you ride out of on or before November 30.

5.    There will be a calendar event posted for November 30.  You will add your name to this event AFTER you have left your card at your last shop.  I’ll use this to help me know how many actually completed the challenge and how many cards I will need to collect.

How to Participate:  An example

I decide I’m doing my first ride from Trek Newnan (You do not have to do the rides in the order they are listed on the card).  I park and go into the shop - ready to ride.  There will be a plastic box at the shop - I may need to ask someone to get it for me.  Inside the box I will take out a blank Challenge Ride Record Card (see Sample below).  I will then take the customized hole punch (each shop will have a different punch) and punch on the Trek Newnan line to signify that I’m going out for my ride.  If I need a route - I’ll ask for a queue sheet (note, shops will have at least one route which may or may not be the distance you want, so be prepared to ask or plan to do an out and back or your own route). When I return from my ride, I go back into the shop, and will punch my card again to signify that I have completed my ride.  I will also write the date and mileage of my ride.

I will follow those same steps at the next shop - say Senoia.  Then, when I do my 3rd and final ride (from Trek PTC), I’ll follow the same steps, BUT, I will leave my card with the shop after punching in after my ride.  I will make sure my contact information is on my card.  If I do happen to take the card with me, no worries, I just need to make sure to drop off my card at the shop most convenient to me BEFORE closing time on November 30. I will now log in to the website and add my name to the November Challenge calendar event on November 30 (even if I finish the challenge on another date).

The Raffle:

On December 1, all cards will be picked up from the three shops.  Each member who completed all three rides will be entered into the raffle.  If you completed all three rides of the challenge, but you did not leave your card at one of the shops, you will not be entered into the raffle.  No card - no raffle.  We will then draw four names from all names entered.  Each person whose name is drawn will win a $100 gift card from the shop of their choice - either Trek or Senoia.  Think of what you can do for you or your bike with $100!!  We’ll contact the winners so you can tell us where you would like your card to be picked up.


Pattie Wheeler


Sample Card:  Do not print!