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SouthSide Cycling Club Membership Form
Trial memberships are for one month and may be only used once.
Trial memberships require creating a member account and signing the waiver.
Returning members may only use a trial membership for one month.

Paid membership periods are for a full year from date of payment and requires you to create a member account and signing the waiver at this website.

Family memberships requires first a current paid sponsoring individual membership.
The sponsor has the option to add up to three additional family members who must be either a spouse or dependent children under the age of 18 who reside in the same household and street address. Each paid family membership are for a full year from date of payment.

You must first pay the sponsoring individual membership. Sign out of the website, and follow the link to JOIN to this Membership form to add each additional family member. Each paid family membership requires creating or updating an existing member account and making payment through that unique account including signing the waiver.
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   Single Rider Membership (1 Year) - $30.00
   Family Membership - $10 Each Additional Member (1 Year) - $10.00
   Welcome (1 Month Trial- May only be redeemed once, not valid for returning members.)
   Returning Members (1 Month - May only be redeemed once.)
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