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Joining the Club

What happens when I join the club?

When you join, you get full access to the website. You can participate in the leaderboard, see the full calendar and even post rides if you like. You will be reminded each time you log in of the dues needing to be paid as well.

Are signups limited to a particular time of year?

No. You can join any time. You're membership runs annual based on your signup date.

Dues and Finances

How are dues determined?

The board decides on the dues level each year. We balance contributions from sponsors, income from our annual fundraiser, and anticipated expenditures to arrive at what we hope will be a very reasonable number.

What are dues, currently?

Dues are $30 per individual rider and cover a calendar year. 

Who is covered in the dues?

One rider is covered for one year.



What are the different types of rides listed on the calendar?
Club Rides- official club events, often with free food or drinks, SAG support and a social after.

Fee Ride- formal organized rides by any organization which require registration and usually have an entry fee or fundraising goal for Charity.

Group Rides- local road ride led by club members, teams, coaches or sponsors.

Gravel Ride- local ride on mostly or all gravel and dirt roads.

Local Rides- rides listed by club members on their own, not officially supported or sanctioned by the club, but open to anyone without charge. Includes rides organized by other clubs.

Meeting- riders gathering to discuss Club matters or advocacy.

MTN Bike- local mountain bike trail ride. 

Path Ride- ride on multi-use path or rail-to-trail. 

Race- local organized and sanctioned bicycle race event including triathlons not run by SSCC.

Social Events- social gatherings without a ride component.

Spin Class - local stationary bicycle activity.

Triathlon- local triathlon training rides organized by club members or other clubs.   

Volunteer- volunteer opportunity for Club members to assist with a charity ride, race or trail maintenance.

Cancelled Event-If a ride or other event is going to be cancelled, for weather, for example, we ask the poster change the type to cancelled so it appears as red on the calendar and send out a message to those who signed up.
Can anyone post and lead a ride?

Yes. But please participate in other local rides first to get a feel for ride leader responsibilities.

How do I know if I can keep up on a ride?

The ride leaders are encouraged to be honest in their descriptions. The average speeds listed are normally based on ride computers being set to pause when stopped or slow. You might also see the terms "Drop" or "No Drop." If it says "No Drop," the ride leader is committing to slow and wait for the slowest rider, or to take care of them in some other way. If it says "Drop," and you fall behind, they will NOT wait.

You can always try and contact whoever posted the ride. If still in doubt, make sure to identify yourself when you show up. Discuss the ride with people there.

Who can participate in a posted SSCC ride?

Any cyclist can participate in any posted SSCC ride. If it is posted- all are welcome. Even non-members are welcome, so feel free to bring a non-member guest. The only exception for non-members is this: If the ride is one where food and/or refreshments are provided by the SSCC, it would not be appropriate for non-members to eat or drink things purchased with member dues. Very important: Each participant should note the ride’s distance, pace, duration etc. and be sure those fit with his/her abilities.

What is the protocol for participating in a posted ride?

As stated above, each participant should note the ride’s distance, pace, duration etc. and be sure those fit with his/her abilities. Many rides are “no-drop rides”, which means the group will wait for slower riders, but this has its limits. You don’t want to be “that guy”. On “drop rides” the group does not wait for slower riders.
In addition: (1) Sign up for the ride on the SSCC website posting. This gives the ride leader an idea of who/how many to expect. Also, if the ride is cancelled for any reason, those who have signed up will be notified. Otherwise, you might show up to find no ride! (2) Know how to get to the start location and arrive in plenty of time to be “ready to roll” at the posted ride time. Allow yourself time to park, put on gear, check your bike, etc. in advance of the posted time. This shows respect for the schedule of other riders, and sometimes a ride will leave a few minutes early if nobody else is expected. And while most ride leaders will delay the start for a few minutes, if you are regularly late you will be left. (3) Know the route or download the cue sheet in advance, if possible. Better safe than sorry. (4) Be sure at least some of the other riders know your name, and know that you plan to complete the full route (or not). (5) Practice safe riding techniques at all time. Be courteous to other cyclists and motorists. (6) Thank the ride leader at the conclusion of the ride. (7) Have fun!

Club Clothing

When is club clothing available for sale?

Club clothing is normally offered in the winter, with the first sale closing in Feb or Mar. A follow on order is usually done in May or Jun.

Why does the clothing design change each year?

Clothing is designed each year to reflect our sponsors and the interests of the club. Sponsors come and go. A main sponsor has great influence on the color scheme.

Miles Tracker

Will anyone be able to see my miles?

Yes, if you update your weekly log, your total miles will be visible to all on the leaderboard.

Can I track other types of workout miles?

No, please only add miles for cycling.

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