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Why Join?

Cycling is more than just fun. Among the benefits, you can stay in shape and get plenty of aerobic exercise. But to get the most out of your ride, you should really join a cycling club.

Southside Cycling Club offers a variety of services for our members. For a modest fee, you can participate in:

  • Interactive web site that supports your active riding with:
    • Calendar to participate in both routine group rides, local rides and special events
    • My Weekly Log to support tracking your mileage and goals
    • Strava Club to track and share your rides
    • Routes, Trails and Paths information for ride planning
  • Monthly Social Rides and Events
  • Club Sponsored rides- Southside Cycling Club sponsors at least one ride per year that our members can participate in for free. This is typically a local charity fee ride, such as the Lewis Grizzard Memorial Ride supporting Coweta Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. Be sure to check the Calendar on the SSCC website for upcoming events. 
  • Discounts at local bike shops - Please inquire with your local bike shop to learn more about discounts available to Southside Cycling Club members.
  • Fee Rides / Charitable events- many of us would do more to support our community as a whole if we only knew how. Southside Cycling Club helps connect our riders to many charitable events in Georgia.
  • Annual member meeting
  • Bicycle maintenance training (supported by local area shops)
  • Special cycling-related seminars

However, the best reason of all is the opportunity to connect with other riders. With a large club, you are sure to find a group with similar capabilities and objectives. Regardless of your goals, they are much easier to achieve when you have others training with you.

Our calendar is constantly updated with posted rides throughout the month and year. Each ride indicates the expected pace and distance of the ride. You can also easily click and add your name to the list of riders participating in each ride. These can be easy paced cart path rides or fast paced training rides.

Training is a major focus of our club. Members often meet for long rides to improve speed and endurance. These group rides are especially important if you want to be a competitive cyclist, but also important if you just want to become a better rider. The primary advantages are:

  • Safety- motorists are more likely to notice a group of cyclists than one riding alone
  • Rules of the road- riding in traffic requires practice. Learning from more experienced cyclists helps you to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Others can help you if something goes wrong- from painful cramps to mechanical failures, problems can arise on lengthy rides. Having others nearby helps ensure a minor glitch doesn’t become a major catastrophe.
  • Long rides are easier to complete- Enjoying the camaraderie of other cyclists helps take the boredom out of those lonely stretches of road. You also have others to encourage you if you start to wear down.

So, regardless of your objectives, joining a club is the easiest way to shortcut your path to success. It is also a fun way to share your passion for one of the greatest sports around. Cycling is a sport that can be enjoyed for many years and a great low impact way to keep fit.

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